In part 1 we discussed the cost saving measure of doing your own staining instead of contracting it out. Another method that will provide significant cost savings is the use of log siding instead of full log in areas/structures that adjoin the main house.
During the design phase of creating our log home we decided to add a large garage/workshop that would be joined to the house by an enclosed breezeway. The breezeway would be used as our mud room and laundry area. By increasing the square footage of our project by such a considerable amount we weren’t totally surprised to discover that it also drove our cost up beyond our budget!
Our prime reason for wanting to live in a log home was to enjoy both the ambiance and relaxing atmosphere that full logs create, but also to benefit from the natural ability of logs to retain a desired temperature and moisture level in the home. HOWEVER, these features were not as important in the garage and breezeway!
We made the decision to have the breezeway and garage framed and then finished with log siding. We stained it in exactly the same way we stained the logs used in the main home structure.  We insulated both these additions and finished the interior with drywall.  The pictures below will illustrate how well the siding matches the D-Log used for the main house.
In the end, our cost savings by using log siding for our garage and breezeway were considerable and now the addition of these two structures fit perfectly into our budget!

Corner of breezeway (siding) meeting corner of house (log)

Breezeway (siding) Meeting the Corner of the House (log)


Another angle of the Breezeway (siding) meeting the corner of the House (log)

GARAGE (siding)

Garage – done completely with log siding



There are many ways to minimize cost when building your log home.  One of the most significant savings for us was doing our own staining.  Once the log shell was assembled, we immediately began the staining process.  I am NOT a great painter (and frankly, do not enjoy painting) but the hours of staining our log home were actually quite enjoyable!  The stain we chose was easy to apply, dried quickly and was very forgiving of our inexperience!

Staining Staining.2 Staining.1

We (wisely) decided to stain all the interior panelling, exterior gable and garage siding, soffit and facia prior to installation on the log home.  Our log home had been completed to the weather tight stage by end of Autumn, so we did all this staining inside during the winter months utilizing saw horses and self-designed drying racks>  We also managed to solicit some help from our two daughters!

Drying racks     Girls Staining    Drying racks.1

Once the log siding/panelling finished drying it was easily stacked on the floor making room for the next batch. When construction on our log home resumed in the Spring, the stained boards were cut, installed and looked great!